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We take care of the hosting, so you can focus on growing your community and playing with friends.

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Get a premium hosting experience and set up your minecraft server instantly, so you and your friends can focus on gaming.


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Get support 24/7

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Your server will be available immediately after purchase

Unlimited Players

At Gateway.gg you always have unlimited player slots

DDOS Protection

Our servers have top of the line DDOS protection

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Innovative solutions

In the stagnant industry of gameserver hosting, we innovate and push the standards with new software. Say goodbye to multicraft and pterodactyl!

Get the performance you paid for

Many hosts in the industry dilute your performance by cramming too many people onto one server. At Gateway.gg you get a gameserver with exactly what you paid for, nothing less.

Ease of use

We have spent many hours testing and rethinking the way our users interact with our panel, and the result is a simple hosting experience unlike any other.

Have any feedback? Contact us in our Discord, we always strive to do better.

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