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Frequently asked questions

Your minecraft server will be available immedately after purchase! Our software will set it up for you automatically.

Yes! Our Control Panel features a config section that allows you to change your server settings, as well a file browser you can use to upload your world.

DDoS stands for "Distributed Denial of Service", and refers to when a server is artificially overloaded by a malicious third party. This can cause a server to become laggy and unusable. At you get the best DDoS protection available.

Yes! Your server will stay online and be available 24 hours a day.

A whitelist lets the server owner choose who can join a server and who can't. You can edit this whitelist in your server files.

With our servers you can install mods using SFTP. There are many great tutorials for this on YouTube, and our staff will happily provide you with any help you need.

Server Location has recently expanded to offer United States hosting.

You can also host in Europe with our Germany location.

More locations will be added soon.

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Get a Minecraft Java Edition server with

Host a quality Minecraft Java Edition game server, with super fast hardware, and a user friendly panel. We have put in many hours to make sure you get everything you need to easily manage your server. Check out the panel and see for yourself.

With our in-house control panel at, you can host a Minecraft server and play with your friends. We have plenty of different packages that will fit to your server needs, and our infrastructure makes sure your server stays up to date at all times. Explore and have fun in a vast world of blocks and landscapes, and create memories together with your friends. Rent a server now with

Manage your server with

With Minecraft gameserver hosting from, you can instantly set up your Minecraft server, and add mods through our sophisticated files system. Access and manage your server within our control panel, and install any modpack, control any setting, and much more through our web interface. You do not need computer knowledge to host with

Unlimited player slots

An increasing trend in the game server hosting industry is pricing servers based on how many player slots you want. While this seems relatively harmless, a proper Minecraft Java Edition server, no matter the size, can theoretically have an unlimited amount of player slots regardless of size. This means that many people overpay for their server, just so they can get the amount of players they need. Get exactly what you paid for, and we take care of the rest.

At, we price servers based only on their performance and RAM. While doing this, we also give you an estimate of how many players your server can handle, so you get the plan that is just right for your game server hosting needs. We strive to give you the best bang for your buck, and provide affordable, high performance hostable game servers for you and your friends.

Minecraft modding - all in one game

The Minecraft modding community produces an incredible amount of free content for you to explore. This content often transforms the game into a whole new experience, that you your friends can explore on your server together. Host a server with, and experience all the different mods available together with your friends, and make unforgetable memories together. Make sure to get enough memory if you intend to play Modded content. We recommend a minimum of 4-6 GB RAM for this. Host a modded Minecraft Forge server today.

Different options with Minecraft mods

At, you can choose from many different game versions, so that you can choose the mods you want to play. When hosting a server, you get to pick between vanilla, bedrock, forge and paper, so that you can easily access the version you need in order to play the mods you have chosen. We have EVERY minecraft version available. Thats correct, EVERY version, including Forge, Paper and all the snapshots. Our panel allows you to change game or version whenever you want with the press of a button. Hosting a Minecraft Java Edition server has never been easier.

NOTE! It is very important to note that modpacks often require more RAM than your standard vanilla Minecraft server. We recommend you run your server with more memory if you intend to install hefty modpacks. - The ultimate hosting experience

We have tailored our hosting platform to meet your needs. Our web interface is designed in house, built from the ground up by our team of developers. Forget services like Pterodactyl or Multicraft, as our brand new infrastructure can power your server smoothly and reliably. Host a Minecraft server at through our gamecloud today, and continue your adventure with your friends.

Host your Minecraft Java Edition server with us now and get going!

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