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Your server will be available immedately after purchase! Our software will set it up for you automatically.

DDoS stands for "Distributed Denial of Service", and refers to when a server is artificially overloaded by a malicious third party. This can cause a server to become laggy and unusable. At you get the best DDoS protection available.

Yes! Your server will stay online and be available 24 hours a day.

Server Location has recently expanded to offer United States hosting.

You can also host in Europe with our Germany location.

More locations will be added soon.

United States
Global server map

Valheim Server Hosting - Ascend to Valhalla with your friends!

Play together with your friends on Valheim dedicated server hosting and explore a mysterious world. Our server is available on PC with crossplay support for Xbox One and Series X/S. Your server will be ready for you and your friends to join in and start a Viking adventure in absolutely no time. The game allows for many fun activities, such as sailing and building, that you now can do together with other Viking friends using our server hosting platform. With a lot of options for server customization, you can adjust any world settings, to tailor your experience to exactly what you want, and even install custom content and Valheim mods. With our fast server setup, your server will be online instantly after purchase, so you and your friends can set sail in search of unknown lands right away. Start your Valheim server hosting adventure today with

Our Valheim Server Hosting Benefits

Gear up to unleash your inner Viking alongside your Viking companions, equipped with the essential tools. Elevate your Viking adventures with a Valheim server, offering not only the necessary equipment but also a plethora of customizable features. Effortlessly tweak server settings, from the server name to crafting an admin and ban list. Seamlessly manage server files, uploading existing data and previously saved worlds. As you mold your envisioned server, benefit from robust DDoS protection and round-the-clock support, guaranteeing optimal server performance. This ensures your undivided attention to relishing your Valheim Server Hosting with your teammates.

Valheim - Slay evil and ascend to Valhalla

Embark on an epic Valheim journey as players explore the enigmatic Tenth World, a dynamically crafted realm. Collaborate to unveil diverse landscapes inhabited by extraordinary foes, gather valuable resources, traverse uncharted territories, and engage in battles against formidable creatures. Harness the harvested resources to construct and enhance grand longhouses, strongholds, and halls befitting of true Viking heroes. Immerse yourself in survival dynamics encompassing stamina-infused combat, a comprehensive food system, user-friendly crafting, and efficient travel mechanics, paving the way for countless thrilling exploits. Ready to chart your adventure alongside friends on your Valheim server hosting?

Valheim Server Mods and Maps

While having your amazing adventures in Valheim, remember that there's more excitement beyond the lands you've seen with your friends. You can amp up the fun on your Valheim server by using mods we support. These mods can help you upgrade your gear, do more farming, and even let you tame bosses and creatures. You can also tweak how the maps and terrain look, giving you a whole new way to experience being a Viking. You're the boss of your server, so go ahead and craft your dream Valheim game with your own ideas!

Gain more control with our cloudservers from, conquer with your viking friends, and ascend to Valhalla with Valheim server hosting from!