The benefits of hosting a gameserver with

The gaming industry has seen an incredible influx of people the last few years, and gaming is in a great place. Although gaming might be a fun activity, we all know that nothing really beats hanging out with your friends. Even doing absolutely nothing is still fun if your friends are around. Gaming with friends has the benefits of both fun activities, which is confirmed by the rise of multiplayer gaming. Today we will explore the benefits of hosting your own server with, and why it is the best way of playing multiplayer games such as Minecraft and Terraria.

A customizable experience in your control

One of the great benefits that comes with both hosting a server and our gamehosting infrastructure at, is that you can change up your experience whenever you want. Should you and your friends wish to play old versions of Minecraft for the sake of nostalgia, our panel allows you to easily switch between any game or version you want. For example, you could switch your normal Minecraft server for a Beta or even Alpha server in just a few clicks. Gatewaygg offers every version of Minecraft Alpha and Beta. You can even install any Snapshot version of Minecraft you want, and experience new features before they reach an official update.

Player accountability

Some of the main concerns with multiplayer gaming is occurrence of lag and cheating. Our dedicated game servers at do away with both, and offer some of the most reliable and smooth experiences one can find, while also giving you all the tools you need to tinker and configure your server.

Creating communities

One of the best things about running a gameserver is its ability to bring people together into a community. Many of us remember joining Minecraft servers and finding new friends with common interests, as such is one of the amazing aspects of server hosting. The Gatewaygg team has plenty of personal experience with creating and building Minecraft severs and communities from years back, and we have made sure that you get all the tools you will need to succeed.

Valuable skills for other areas in life

Hosting your own gameserver is fun, but it can even help you develop useful skills! Server owners find themselves in the unique position to learn valuable skills that carry over to many aspects of life, long after the server might shut down. Managing, teamwork, networking with people, designing and even coding are just some of the experiences you could acquire while hosting gameservers with friends. It's not uncommon for a gameserver to start turning a profit as it grows!

The benefits of owning a server

Servers indeed have many different usecases and areas of application, but we did our best to narrow it down to some of the most important ones. However, the biggest takeaway, is the fact that you get to play together with your friends and family. Get started with a server at Gatewaygg today.