What is the best version of Minecraft Alpha Editon for a server? |

Answer: Generally, the most stable version of Minecraft Alpha Edition is Alpha 1.2.6. Host it with just a few clicks at Gateway.

Minecraft Alpha Edition with shaders generation

A comprehensive guide to every Alpha version of Minecraft

Below you can find an extensive list of the different Minecraft Alpha releases and server versions, and what server features each update added. Use this as a guide to what edition you should choose for your server. A common theme is that each release gets more stable, due to more bugs and memory leaks being fixed by Notch.

If you want a stable survival playthrough of Minecraft Alpha, 1.2.6 is without a doubt the best version for you. If you want to experience the older versions with your friends, you can try out the older alpha versions, with the knowledge that the stability may vary!

Alpha 1.2.6

Released Server version 0.2.8

  • Players connecting to a server are invulnerable for 3 seconds.
  • The join server page now remembers ports and IPs.
  • Added command “/kill”.

Added new game features:

  • Added small lakes and lava pools on the surface

Alpha 1.2.5

Released Server version 0.2.7

  • Fixed a memory leak causing frequent crashes.
  • Removed support for /home command

Added new game features:

  • Bug fixes

Alpha 1.2.4

Released Server version 0.2.6_02

  • Fixed bug where only creepers spawn.

Alpha 1.2.3

Released Server version 0.2.5

  • Added config settings such as pvp, spawn-monsters, and spawn-animals. All of these are set to true by default.
  • Players on fire are not visibly on fire for everyone
  • Fixed damage calculation on servers for fall damage, drowning and burning.
  • Eating food restores health
  • Players can now respawn
  • Players and mobs now visibly take damage when hit

Added new game features:

  • Leaves decay again.
  • Stability fixes.

Alpha 1.2.2

Released Server version 0.2.4

  • Boats are visible to other players
  • Fishing works in multiplayer
  • Players can ride minecarts and boats
  • Stability fixes
  • Buckets pick up liquids

Added new game features:

  • Lava flows further in the nether
  • Bug fixes

Alpha 1.2.0

Released Server version 0.2.2 - 0.2.3

  • Major stability and bug fixes.

Added new game features:

  • Added the nether
  • Added netherrack, soulsand, glowstone, carved pumpkin, jack o’lantern & nether portals.
  • Added Clocks, glowstone dust & fish.
  • New mobs such as ghast, pigmen and zombie pigmen.

Alpha 1.1.0

Released server version 0.2.0

  • Added serverside inventory
  • Made servers save player locations when they leave the server, so you log back in the same location.
  • Made chests, signs and furnaces work in Multiplayer Survival.

Added new game features:

  • Hostile mobs can now spawn in multiplayer.
  • Added compass.
  • Added fishingrod
  • Lava buckets can now be used as furnace fuel.
  • Inventories now work in multiplayer
  • Added 5 paintings

Alpha 1.0.17

Released server version 0.1.4:

  • Fixed doors and torch functionality on servers.
  • Added chickens, slimes and pigs in multiplayer
  • Working day/night cycle in multiplayer

Added new game features:

  • Improved framerate

As observed in the list above, the game versions receive more features and bug fixes each release. For instance, Minecraft Alpha version 1.0.17 introduced chickens, slimes, and pigs in multiplayer and improved the framerate.

Subsequent versions, such as Alpha 1.1.0, added the compass, fishing rod, and allowed hostile mobs to spawn in multiplayer. The game continued to evolve, and by Alpha 1.2.6, the game was more stable and functional than any of the other alpha versions available.

As such, we would recommend Alpha Version 1.2.6 as the best version to run on servers due to its features, stability and numerous bug fixes. This version of the game has enough polish and features to be stable and provide a fun experience, while also keeping the nostalgic feeling of the old alpha versions.

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