How many biomes are there in Minecraft?

In the giant open sandbox that is Minecraft, you can find a variety of different biomes, and each with different terrain types, animals, villages and vegetation. Biomes can be classified as large, geographically distinct areas that have a variety of different experiences and blocks.

When finding new biomes, it is recommended you get a compass on hand, and stock up on supplies before you head out into the world to explore and discover.

In this blog post, we aim to take a closer look at what biomes there are in Minecraft, how many biomes there are, and also how to find them. Prepare yourself for exploring all the biomes Minecraft have to offer with our servers at

How Many Biomes are in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can find a total of 63 different biomes. 52 of them can be found in the overworld, 5 of them in the nether, and another 5 for the end dimension. The last one can only be accessed by using a super-flat preset for your world. Some biomes are more common than others, and some can be quite rare to find. Each biome has its own set of unique characteristics, such as the trees, plants and the terrain type you can find there. For example, the meadow is a grassy biome filled with patches of flowers and turquoise green grass, where sheep, donkeys and rabbits spawn.

Minecraft Ocean Biome

How to Find Biomes in Minecraft

There are a few ways to locate biomes around Minecraft. The first and the most simple method is to stock up on food and explore the world by discovering new areas as you go. When travelling through the world, you will notice the terrain and vegetation changes dramatically. It can also be useful to bring a map, as this can display the clear borders of biomes from an aerial view. The map will show you the layout of the world, including the different biomes around you.

Another way to find specific biomes is to use seeds. A seed is a string of numbers and letters than you use to generate specific worlds in Minecraft. By using the same seed, you will always get the same world generated every time. Check out the different websites and seed generators online, and find the perfect world for your next adventure.

Our 8 favorite biomes in Minecraft

After covering how many biomes there are in Minecraft and how you can find them, lets take a closer look at the favorite biomes of our team.

1. Stony Peaks

Beautiful and wonderful Minecraft Stony Peaks

The stone peaks are a warm variant of the mountain biome, that generate when a mountain peak is in a region with lukewarm biomes around it, such as savannas and jungles. This biome does not generate snowy slopes or groves in the slopes of the mountain, unless there is a colder variant bordering the mountain peak.

This got put at the number 1 spot by our team, simply because we always end up finding and building in this biome when we look for cool spots. The peaks and elevation changes always make for cool terrain variation, and allows for a lot of creativity.

2. Taiga Biome

Taiga Biome Minecraft

This biome is a forested spruce area with a cooler climate. The biome is characterized by its thick forests, and snowy patches. When it rains in your Minecraft world, it will snow in Taigas instead. This biome also contains wolves and rabbits, as well as foxes on occasion. The terrain generation is somewhat flat, with smaller mountains and valleys here and there.

3. Plains biome

Taiga Biome Minecraft

The Plains biome is a flat and grassy area, with patches of trees and flowers scattered around. The biome has a warmer climate, with a lot of resources. You can find all the standard animals around, including cows, chickens and pigs.

4. Ocean biome

Ocean Biome Minecraft

The ocean biome is often very large, and looks quite uninteresting from above water. The brilliance is found underneath, where you can find many different terrain types and a variety of fish and other marine animals. The ocean also contain sunken shipwrecks and temples, scattered around the ocean floor. Oceans can both have warm and cold climates, often being influenced by adjacent biomes.

5. Jungle biome

Jungle Biome Minecraft

The jungle is a lush and tropical biome, with thick and dense foliage. Around the jungle-floor you can find different kinds of tropic animals, such as parrots, ocelots and jaguars, as well as pandas. The terrain in the jungle is often hilly, and covered by leaves, which can make it hard to navigate. On rare occasions you can also find jungle temples, that contain loot and materials.

6. Badlands biome

Jungle Biome Minecraft

The badlands biome, while similar to the desert, looks quite different. Similarly to the desert and jungle, the climate is very tropical, as you can find red sand along the badlands floor. The biome is characterized by the variations of terracotta you can find along the mountain sides, and also the red sand that covers the vast majority of the fields. These biomes are quite rare, and on many occasions you can find mineshafts in the mountain walls that are exposed to the surface. This biome provides a great way of stocking up on a lot of terracotta!

7. Desert Biome

Desert Biome Minecraft

The desert biome is a dry and barren land with sand dunes and cactus. This biome has sandy hills and dunes that covers its surface, and lacks in water. There are no trees in this biome, so finding wood is next to impossible, unless you find a desert village.

8. Savanna Biome

Savanna Biome Minecraft

The savanna biome is a tropical and warm biome similar to the plains. Around the biome you can find acacia trees, and pools of water. On occasion you can encounter large mountains with impressive terrain generation.

4 Frequently asked questions about biomes in Minecraft

What are examples of biomes found in Minecraft?

Some examples of biomes in Minecraft Include Taiga, Savanna, Badlands, Stony peaks and Jungle.

Can I choose which biomes appear in my Minecraft world?

By using a seed, you can generate a world with the exact biomes and terrain you want. Take a look at youtube and forums for seed suggestions.

Can I change the biomes in my Minecraft world?

In the vanilla version of Minecraft, it is not possible to change the biome type of your world, however, some mods do allow for this. In the vanilla version of Minecraft, the biomes of your world are pre-determined by the seed you used to generate your world.

How many biomes are in my Minecraft world?

Your Minecraft world contain 63 totally different biomes for you to explore. Make sure to stock up on resources before you go out and explore all of them, as it can take a lot of time to find them all.

Overall, your Minecraft world will contain large variations in terrain-types and biomes, which provides for quite an immersive experience when playing with your friends. With servers from, you can explore every biome you want to without having to fear for lag or server problems. Make sure to get enough RAM for your server though, as newer Minecraft versions can be very resource hungry.