How much ram do I need for my gameserver?

Setting up a gameserver can be daunting without the proper information at hand, but hosting gameservers with has never been easier. The amount of RAM you need for your gameserver will depend on what you intend to use it for.

What is RAM?

RAM (random access memory) is an essential component for any server. RAM acts as short term memory for the server, storing any data that it needs fast access to. It is much faster than a Hard Drive or SSD.

Is more RAM better?

RAM allows your worlds to be bigger in size, and opens your server to be able to support a larger playerbase without seeing a significant performance drop. There may not be a formula to find the exact amount of RAM you would need for your gameserver, but considering what you will use the server for can give you a rough estimate when hosting at

How much RAM do you need for your server?

How much RAM you need will depend on a few factors, but we have listed 5 factors to consider when deciding how much RAM you want for your gameserver on

  1. Number of Players: If you have more than 15 concurrent users on a Minecraft server, consider adding 1-2 GB of RAM for every 10 additional users.
  2. Usage of mods: If you want to play Minecraft mods or modpacks on your server it will require a lot more RAM than a vanilla server would. For a smooth experience we would recommend a minimum of 6 GB when playing with modpacks.
  3. Plugins: Equal to mods, the amount of plugins you have on your server will greatly affect performance. Having more RAM will make the experience smoother in general.
  4. Rate of growth: Make sure to account for your server’s growth when deciding on RAM amount. When your playerbase grows in the future, you might encounter problems if you don’t have enough RAM.
  5. Version specific: Newer versions of Minecraft are more feature heavy, and therefore require a lot more RAM to run smoothly. We have adjusted for this in the Gateway panel.

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