Minecraft Warden – How To Beat The Warden In Minecraft

The Warden is a mob in Minecraft that was added in the 1.18 update. It can’t see anything, and can only sense vibration and sound, so tread carefully if you encounter one. If he targets you, he will one-hit kill you in most cases, and two-hit kill you with full netherite armour. Even though the warden poses quite the challenge for players, he does not drop any items on death. Escape is therefore the best option, and we only recommend fighting if you know the strategies of how to beat the warden in Minecraft.

Where to find the warden in Minecraft

A Warden only spawns within the deep dark biome, around ancient city structures. You cannot get it to spawn anywhere else in a vanilla world without cheats, similarly to the ender dragon. The deep dark can spawn naturally below Y-level -35 in block height, so make sure to strip-mine below this height level.

Warden in the deep dark

How the warden finds you

The warden is the first fully blind mob in Minecraft, so it is very important to move quietly, and don’t mine or place anything when around him. With the help of surrounding skulk sensors, he will react to any noise that is made, even at a distance away from him. If he hears you, make sure to move away from that area quickly and remain silent. Once the Warden has noticed you, you can distract him by throwing snowballs away from you. The Warden will then sense the sound of the impact from the snowball, and move in the direction of where it landed, hopefully buying you enough time to escape.

Attacks and abilities of the Warden in Minecraft

In order to be able to defeat the Warden, it is important to know its abilities. Here is a quick rundown of the Wardens basic attacks and abilities.

  • The Warden uses vibration and smell to target the players location, and can therefore detect the player through blocks.
  • The Warden can sniff the player from a 20 block distance.
  • Is able to climb on single blocks like other mobs, but cannot break them.
  • Can even hear player running, jumping and landing, but can’t hear the player if you run on carpet or wool blocks.

Darkness Effect

As soon as you are detected by a sculk sensor, the darkness effect is applied to you. This effect will limit your visibility to only a few blocks around you. Even a potion of night-vision will not completely remove this effect. Torches and other light sources will also not help counteracting this effect.

Combat Attack

The main way for the Warden to kill you is with its bare hands. Even with a full set of netherite armour, the Warden will be able to kill you in just two hits. Anything other than full netherite armor makes his attacks an instant kill. Beating the Warden therefore becomes quite a difficult task.

Sonic Shriek

If you try to run away from the Warden, and he can’t reach you, he will use an attack called “sonic shriek”. The Warden’s chest opens up to release a long-range attack that does the same amount of damage as his normal attacks. This attack can also knock you off pillars or other places from over a 5 block distance away. This attack can also pass through blocks, including liquids and bedrock. Interestingly, this attack will only attack one player at a time, so if you are playing with your friends, the attack will only hit the player the Warden is targeting.

Things You Need to Defeat the Warden

Now that we have covered the different traits of the Warden in Minecraft, it is also important to prepare all the equipment you will need in order to kill the Warden.


The first preparation you should make is defences to withstand the Wardens attacks. For that, full netherite armour is a requirement. Once you have the armour, you will need to put the best enhantments available on the gear pieces. Protection IV is an all-round great enchantment, and is recommended to have on all of your armour pieces. If you are brave enough, you could even sneak down an ancient city and get your hands on the “swift sneak” enchantment, which will help you sneak at a faster pace.


Most of us would think that a sword would be a must have for the fight against the Warden, but due to its high damage, bows or a trident is a much better weapon for the coming fight. Bows are generally the best alternative, and we recommend you have all the great enchantments available to you on it.

Health & Healing

When fighting the Warden you risk taking a ton of damage throughout the fight. We therefore recommend bringing the following items to assist you with healing and keeping your food in check.

  • Enchanted golden apples
  • Golden carrots
  • Potion of healing

Special Items

With all of the other points covered, here are some special items to consider bringing with you if you want to survive a Warden attack.

  • Snowballs, eggs or arrows – for distracting the Warden
  • Torches – to avoid getting lost in the deep dark biome, and know your way
  • Cobwebs – to protect against fall damage
  • Potion of night vision – to reduce the strength of the darkness effect