How to set up a Valheim dedicated server in 2023 - A 4 step guide

How to set up a Valheim server

Lets get cut right to it. You're here to find out how to easily and quickly find out how to set up a dedicated server for Valheim. This is how you do it with! Landingpage

Step 1 - Find a server host

Firstly, find a suitable server host. We at have plenty of experience hosting servers.

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Step 2 - Choose the plan that suits your needs

When setting up a server, its important that you get a server that has good enough performance to cover your needs. For playing with friends, we recommend you go with at least 4GB or RAM. If you always want good and stable performance, go with 8GB of RAM. And lastly, if you never want to experience lag, even with many friends online, go with 16GB of RAM. Server host config page

Step 3 - Choose your region

Next, we recommend you choose a region that is closest to your location, so you get as little latency as possible. We have as of writing this article, dedicated servers in both Europe and North America, and will keep adding more locations as we go.

Valheim Server Console

Step 4 - Complete order and start playing!

After completing your order, you will instantly get access to your server, and it will start up automatically. Remember to set a Valheim server password in the config page!

At, we prioritise speed for our dedicated Valheim servers, both when playing, but also when setting up and managing your server. After completing these easy steps in less than a few minutes, you can start playing with your friends, and focus on the gaming.

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