Is it hard to host a Minecraft Alpha Server? |

Answer: Hosting an Alpha server yourself can be challenging, but using our software you can host your server with the press of a button.

Are you looking to experience the early days of Minecraft through older versions of the game? If so, doing it together with your friends is one of the best ways to relive the old memories. Hosting a server for older versions of the game can seem quite daunting, but don't worry – we’re here to help.

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The Challenges of hosting an Alpha version Minecraft Server

Hosting a Minecraft Alpha server yourself might require some technical knowhow and a willingness to learn. Combine this with the fact that many hosting companies don’t support these older versions of the game, and you end up with a situation where older servers seem quite inaccessible.

However, we at have decided to specialise in hosting Minecraft servers that use old alpha and beta versions of Minecraft, and have added every Alpha & Beta server jar we could get our hands on to our server hosting app.

To host an Alpha server, simply select the jar you want, and launch it with the press of a button.

The Benefits of Using's Alpha Servers

Alpha and Beta Minecraft servers have first-class support on

Our servers are optimized to host gameservers specifically, and we have gone through a lot of effort to build our software so your gameserver gets to utilise all the resources you paid for. Our team has experience hosting game servers, and have plenty of insight into the challenges and strategy involved in running a gameserver.

What many hosts end up doing is cramming too many people on a shared server at the same time to save money, which result in servers having to fight for the same resources. With, we have made sure that you get enough resources to sustain a stable server, so you don’t have to worry about lag.

One drawback of Alpha server hosting is that some game versions are quite unstable due to their age. We have done our best to only include the versions of the game that are stable and not totally riddled with bugs, to reduce the amont of issues you may face.

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At, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the early days of Minecraft. That's why we're committed to providing a reliable, high-quality hosting service for alpha version and beta version Minecraft servers.

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