Java vs Bedrock – What are the main differences?


Minecraft Java Edition is the original version of the game built for PC, while Bedrock is for cross platform play between Console and PC.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is available for all platforms, including PC, Console and Mobile, and has lower system requirements.

Minecraft Java Edition can use mods, while bedrock edition can't.

Over the years Minecraft has grown both in popularity but also on platforms it can be played on. Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition are the two major versions of Minecraft, and have both similarities and differences that make their experiences unique.

Java vs Bedrock

Minecraft Java Edition was released in 2009, and was originally developed by Marcus Persson or “Notch”, the creator of Minecraft. This version of the game was originally referred to as just “Minecraft”, but was renamed to "Minecraft Java Edition" in September 2017, to add emphasis that Java Edition is a different product not compatible with the console and mobile version of the game.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is based on Pocket Edition, which is a version built for mobile in 2011. This version is a complete rewrite of the game, and can be played on Mobile, Console, PC, Switch and other platforms. As it was originally built for mobile, it is a much more optimized version of the game, so to some, it might be a better alternative than Java to reduce lag.

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Features of Java Edition

  • PC Only Support: Java Edition can only be played on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Mods: Java Edition allows for the install of any player created mod, giving you access to many varied gameplay experiences.
  • No Cross Play: This version of the game does not support cross play between platforms, and is incompatible with Bedrock Edition.
  • Servers and Mods: With Java Edition, players can install mods and plugins on their servers, which allows for a completely new multiplayer experience, with many niche communities to find and explore.
  • Custom skin: Download any skin you want and upload it to use in game.
  • Resource demand: Java Edition is not very optimized and can quickly become a laggy experience.

Features of Bedrock Edition

  • Multi-Platform Support: Supports cross-play between phone, PC and console.
  • Lower Hardware Requirements: Bedrock Edition is a much more optimized experience compared to Java, and is more accessible.
  • Marketplace: Bedrock Edition has its own marketplace when players can purchase skins, maps and add-ons. Many see this as a drawback of Bedrock Edition, as the same features are free on Java Edition.

Which version is best for me?


If you want to host your own server and tailor your experience with mods and plugins, Java Edition is the best option, as you have much more freedom.

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If you want cross-play, and want to play together with your friends who are on different platforms, Bedrock Edition is the best option for you.

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